Live edge Cherry Short

$ 40.00 USD

Cherry is often sought after due to its reddish-brown hue and grain movement. Its commonly chosen by craftsmen for its unique coloring and the stability of its grain. All shorts are already planned flat and are ready to be worked with.

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Dimensions of this item are x x (All dimensions are in inches). Mantel dimensions may vary +/-1".

All pieces are hand cleaned and lightly sanded.


  • No finish: Leave the piece as is
  • Stained: Dark or light brown stain
  • Oil: Bring the grain to life with an oil finish. There will also be a slight darkening when the oil is applied.
  • Polyurethane: A great way to protect your piece, we highly recommend applying this sealer if you intend to use this piece outdoors. This can be applied overtop of an oil or stain.

All pieces are surfaced on both sides to ensure a flat surface, specialized cuts and sanding are available for most pieces.


Mantels typically ship within 5-7 business days. Free shipping within the continental US.

Shipping is not available for slabs, pieces are available for pickup in person.


We do accept returns provided the piece has not been altered in any way (cut, stained, etc..) Cost of the return is the customers responsibility in most cases.

Returns are not accepted in most situations.